An amazing Year for Netinfo and Its Innovation Lab - DigiArt Living Lab (2023) | NET-INFO

An amazing Year for Netinfo and Its Innovation Lab - DigiArt Living Lab (2023)

  • 2023-12-27
  • Études, 3D, Unreal Engine, Epic Games

Netinfo, a pioneer in digital technology, and its innovation lab, the DigiArt Living Lab, concluded 2023 with a series of exciting events and remarkable achievements, reinforcing its commitment to innovation, education, and fostering synergies.


  • Orange 3DGamx Project:

    • Collaboration with Orange Digitale Center.

    • Training artists and developers to create video games based on real themes provided by entrepreneurs.

    • A groundbreaking initiative highlighting the significance of gamification across various domains.

  • Global Game Jam (GGJ) 2023:

    • Hosted annually by the DigiArt Living Lab.

    • In 2023, over 50 young participants created impressive demos on the theme of "Roots".

  • AR/VR Africa Hackathon:

    • Hosted at Netinfo, bringing together talented developers, coders, and graphic designers from across Africa.

    • Winning team presented progress at the Demo Day organized by AR/VR Africa.

  • International Women's Day Initiative:

    • Podcast titled "Pouvoir de la Solidarité" brought together young women at Netinfo.

    • Encouraged the creation of a group for idea exchange and mutual development.

    • Successful connection between women from Dclic Tunisia and Dclic Mauritania.


    • Confidence-building partnership resulting in the training of 100 young individuals in Mauritania on digital skills, with gender equality.

    • Extended impact to Mauritania, training young individuals for five months.

    • Culminated with a two-day forum showcasing participants' work and awarding prizes.


    • Students presented their work to an interactive online jury within Netinfo's metaverse.

  • Africa Metaverse Closure:

    • Supported by Epic Games through Epic MegaGrants.

    • Trained and mentored young Africans, preparing them for the future in digital creation.

  • Autodesk Designathon:

    • Netinfo hosted and secured the second-highest number of projects from Tunisia.

    • Received two exceptional projects from Mauritania.

The accomplishments of 2023 underscore Netinfo's continuous commitment to innovation, successful partnerships, and significant contributions to the global digital landscape. This year will undoubtedly be remembered as a period of triumph for Netinfo.