AUTODESK certifications are a reliable validation of your skills and knowledge and are likely to accelerate your professional development, optimize your productivity and affirm your credibility and your employer.
Its advantages
Get a recognized accreditation that validates your skill level. Use the AUTODESK Certified logo View your AUTODESK certificate. Your profile would be added to the AUTODESK Certified Professionals database and will appear in the search queries as certified profiles.
How do I get it?
To obtain certification, you must pass one or more AUTODESK certification exams.
The procedure is simple:
STEP 1: Choose the certification you want, and we will help you choose what suits you best (User Certification / Professional Certification / Specialized Certification).
STEP 2: Evaluate your knowledge to identify areas to study and prepare.
STEP 3: Complete the required training at an Authorized Training Center (ATC), NET-INFO is an ATC center, and then practice. You can go straight to the next step if you are a professional and you have the required experience.
STEP 4: Take the required exam: just pay the exam fee and select the date you want to take it.

Pass a test

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