The vocations of the DigiArt Living Lab | NET-INFO




In 2015, NET-INFO launched its project to open a laboratory-based on digital innovation called the DigiArt LivingLab. Certified by ENoLL (European Network of LivingLab), this laboratory is a unique concept in French-speaking Africa.
What are the vocations of the DigiArt Living Lab?
LivingLab or DALL aims for social and open innovation. By organizing several events, the laboratory promotes meetings between all public and private agents. Companies, start-ups, students, and citizens, with the aim of connecting NET-INFO's know-how to the service of society.
Through the training offered by NET-INFO, ranging from 3D design and digital art to the promotion of innovation through storytelling, different sectors and professions will eventually intersect. From these meetings, different agents and citizens will connect their creativity and know-how to explore new horizons in terms of solutions and innovation. Open, social, and accessible to all, DigiArt Living Lab undertakes educational projects to raise awareness of new technologies from an early age. These projects include training packages targeting children and young people, aged 8 to 17.
The laboratory also aims to apply the field of 3D not only to education but also to the field of health and the enhancement of cultural heritage.
As a leader in Africa in the field of 3D, NET-INFO invests through its laboratory, in order to understand the needs of the population, and thus, promote social impact thanks to the know-how generated by its diploma courses. All this constitutes what we have named, DALL FOR ALL. For more information, visit: