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· Initiation to Python programming

· Initiation to Python programming

This course will introduce you to the basic foundations of the PYTHON programming language. Whether you are an encoder or not, it will guide you to create, compile and run computer programs and you will be able to correct errors generated as a result of the interpretation of the program.

Training program

  • Introduction to algorithmic and programming logic
  • Introduction to Python and installation of the programming environment
  • Variables, Dynamic Typing, Basic Data Types, and Numeric Type Operations
  • Input, Output, Assignment instructions
  • Conditional Structures and Logical Operators
  • Loops: For, While, Break & Continue
  • Functions, passing arguments, Returning Results
  • Local and Global Variables
  • Lists, Operation on Lists
  • Lists of Lists
  • Dictionaries and Tuples
  • End-of-session project