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Revit MEP Basic & Intermediate Level

Revit MEP Basic & Intermediate Level

From a REVIT ARCHITECTURAL file, the trainee will be able to produce different MEP systems.

  • Prerequisites:  knowing how to use a 2D software such as Autocad 


At the end of the training, the trainee will receive 3 certificates:

  • 2 Autodesk certificates : certificate of completion and certificate of project completion
  • 1 NET-INFO Certificate


Software: REVIT MEP

Training program

Explore Revit MEP

  • Use of Templates
  • Understanding the MEP Tape
  • Start a Project
  • Creation of views
  • Insert a link

Design an air network

  • Drawing an aeraulic network
  • Configure HVAC
  • Add an air vent
  • Add climate engineering equipment

Create a hydraulic network

  • Draw a hydraulic heating network
  • Set up pipe networks
  • Add pipe accessories
  • Add sanitary facilities

Develop an electrical network

  • Drawing an electrical network
  • Add light fixtures
  • Add electrical equipment
  • Connect an electrical panel