Revit Structure Basic & Intermediate Level | NET-INFO
Revit Structure Basic & Intermediate Level

Revit Structure Basic & Intermediate Level

Learn how to visualize a structural model, master basic structural design functions, learn how to create structural schedules and master project editing.

  • Prerequisites: Being able to manipulate the computer tool and have knowledge of CAD and structural design.

At the end of the training, the trainee will receive 3 certificates:

  • 2 Autodesk certificates : certificate of completion and certificate of project completion
  • 1 NET-INFO Certificate




Training program

Visualize the structural model

  • View properties
  • Recommendations for working with views
  • About Managing Object Visibility
  • View templates
  • Recommendation for managing object visibility

Start a new project

  • project template files
  • About levels
  • Add and edit levels and grids

Create structural walls and columns

  • Load structural columns
  • Create structural column types
  • Parameters of load-bearing walls

Frame creation

  • About Beams
  • Beam properties

Create floors and roofs

  • Create sloped floors
  • Create soil hoppers
  • About roofs

Create foundations

  • About foundations
  • Create stepped walls and foundations

Stairs and railings

Create plan annotations and schedules

  • About Temporary Dimensions
  • About the texts
  • Adding tags process
  • About captions
  • About BOMs

Edit documents

  • About sheets and cartridges
  • About Tracking Changes
  • Create revision clouds
  • Print settings
  • Content export settings